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The impact of Mastering ... on our Emotions !

TUTU - Miles Davis


Artist's illustration inspired by the album cover.

TUTU is one of the major albums of American jazz composer and trumpet player Miles Davis.

Composed by Marcus Miller, produced by Tommy LiPuma and Marcus Miller, released in 1986 on the Warner Bros. Records label.



Listening attentively to the Mastering versions of 1986 (or 2015) reveals the limits of 1980’s technologies and recordings methods.

Compared to the evolution of our current "musical footprint", a Mixing and/or Mastering with a more sustained presence of bass, a more "slamming" sound and a wider stereo would certainly be welcome to "update" the container without being a betrayal of the content.



As the traditionnal and available sound processing solutions did not allow me to achieve what I had in mind, I worked on the development of specific algorithms - with adjustment variables - that could carry out this "update" of the Mastering from the original sources.

So I did not use the principle of Peak Limitation (see the dedicated article), and only the 1986 audio was chosen to perform an "alternative" ReMastering.

Excerpts to listen to below.

Comparisons between the 2015 version and a Remastering sauce "Carbon13".

To be listened with a good HEADPHONE and/or a good AUDIO system !

Artist : Miles Davis - Album : Tutu - Label : Warner Bros. Records - Excerpt of tracks : 01 / 03 / 08

01 TUTU (excerpt) - Remastering Warner Bros. 2015

01 TUTU (excerpt) - 2020 Remastering • Carbon13

03 PORTIA (excerpt) - Remastering Warner Bros. 2015

03 PORTIA (extrait) - 2020 Remastering • Carbon13

08 FULL NELSON (extrait) - Remastering Warner Bros. 2015

08 FULL NELSON (extrait) - 2020 Remastering • Carbon13